Public Car Auctions

In a car auction, it is usually said profits are made buying a car from the auction and not when selling it off. You need to equip yourself to make the ultimate purchase. Public Auto Auctions are being held in almost all over the country. These auctions may be held weekly, monthly or annually.

In the metros, government car auctions are held on a monthly basis. It is important to lay your hands on the in depth information about the public car auctions being held. When placing the bid you may be asked to make a binding contract to purchase the vehicle.

The deposit made cuts down the expense of the lawsuit and will be helpful in completing the deal. Following are some of the key points that will help in preparing yourself well ahead of time before attending the public auction:

  1. Check the cars as thoroughly as possible. There are some auctions which will allow you to have a test drive. But in government car auctions, you will not be allowed to test drive the vehicle.
  2. Inspect the body carefully and try to spot for any difference in the body of the car.
  3. Closely check the tires and shocks of the car as these are the most expensive parts of the car.
  4. The hood and roof must also be checked. Make sure to take a look at it from different angles. This way you will easily be able to spot the problems if there are any issues.

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I advise you all go there, if like the info you can see in the right sidebar that you can join a 7 days course for free. r to bid easily, get to the auction early. However do not get caught up in the bidding. If the bidding exceeds the maximum price then, stop bidding there and then. Your goal to attend a public car auction is to make a cheap bargain and not to bring about insane money to the sellers.


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