IRS OR Government Seized Car Auction

Thousands of vehicles are seized by the Government every month due to the illegal involvement of crimes. Government or IRS seized car auctions also includes those that have been impounded and not claimed by the owners. The seized vehicles are in surplus in the custody of the government which they try to dispose it off through car auctions.

These vehicles are auctioned at unbelievable deals and comparatively there are no other car auctions which would sell it off at such a low price. Since the government seized cars are bounded by certain laws, they are being auctioned as low as 95% off the market price. IRS seized car auction is the place where you can get quality cars at cheap price.

Purchasing a luxury or sports car from a government auction is very different from purchasing traditionally used car sales. Knowing how to bid in a government car auction will be helpful in making the best deal.

  1. Bidding at the government seized cars auction starts very low.
  2. There might be a discount of 90%. That is you can almost have a car which cost $20,000 at just $ 2000.

Very few people are aware of the seized car auctions. Even if they are aware of the auction, not many are well informed about where these auctions are held. Such auctions run throughout the year. Since the vehicles displayed in this type of auctions are displayed as it is, it is essential on your part as a bidder to thoroughly inspect the car before you finally place your bid.

Make proper arrangements for inspecting the car. Get in touch with the authorities and be well equipped with enough knowledge and information about the auction. Make frequent visits to the government seized car auction to have an idea about the next auction.


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