Marshall Auction

Properties as well as vehicles that are seized by the authorities or are unclaimed are usually out on sale by organizing car auction events. is one such site where the vehicles that are in the inventory of the government are auctioned. The first time I attended the car auction organized by marshal, I was smitten by the wide range of vehicles that it has to offer. This includes cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, SUVs, motor homes and boats. Most of these vehicles have been forfeited under the law due to its illegal involvement in crime.

A large number of cars are also sold every year at an intermittently low price. Normally in an auction, the price of a particular vehicle rises if there are more people interested in the vehicle. But since the numbers of vehicles are quite large, the vehicles are often sold off at very low price. However, to get access to this auction and start bidding you must first of all become a member of Once you become a member then you will get easy access to the state listings of all the Marshal Auctions, Government Auctions and other Auctions for all 50 states.

Besides the live auction, also offers the provision of online bidding. You can start bidding from anywhere. But the best way is to physically inspect the vehicle before you start bidding on it. The vehicles that are put up for sale at the Marshal Auction are generally in good working order. I am happy with myself to have attended the Marshal auction. This site has been greatly helpful in making the best deal while buying the car that I own through the auction.


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